Gibberish Pictures™

They can inspire, or let us think about our lives or what we’re doing - right or wrong.
They make us laugh or make us cry.
All these powers are within the pictures.
The pictures we see all around us.
We just have to learn not to look - but to see!

12. April 2014




Let’s take this 


and put it in 


yes??? Nintendo, are you taking notes?

Real life. The concept you’re thinking of is going outside.

yeah ok buddy I’m just gonna step outside and go talk to my neighbour the talking cat. the fuck kind of real life are you living?

(via alaska-nebraskaa)

Awww, so beautiful..
Sooooo hot *o*
If she could be my girlfriend *o*
Wanna bathe with her *-*
Oh my gosh :O
Soo beautiful *o*
Rawr ^w^
Mwaah, cuute *o*
Daamn.. ^-^
11. April 2014


"I babysat this six year old, and I was wearing shorts today and my scars were showing, I guess. He poked them and he said, “I know how those got there.” I replied, “How?” He looked at me with a straight face and he said, ‘I’ve seen them before. My big sister had them, and she said mean people put them on your body when they weren’t nice to you, because when people are mean to you, you end up being mean to yourself. My big sister went away. I don’t know where she went. Mommy said she’s on a happy vacation somewhere, because she was too sad here. I miss her. Don’t go on a vacation, please.’”

I read this today… And immeadiately broke down. Little kids don’t even understand how powerful their words can be.